Will Nortel Enterprise Be Sold Off in Two Parts?

John McHugh, who runs Nortel's Enterprise Data business apparently wants to bring back Bay Networks, not just as a brand, but as a stand-alone business (stand-alone, as opposed to one part of an larger VoIP, UC or Application business).

He claims that his business is a corporate "afterthought", and has been obscured by Nortel's push into UC, though Nortel has done some creative marketing with respect to energy efficiencies of both its Data and UC portfolios.

The ultimate criteria will be decided by whether splitting Nortel Enterprise in two will bring in more money or not.

This will depend in turn on the value that any prospective buyer puts on Nortel Data business. Does Siemens Enterprise Networking or Avaya understand the data market? It's safe to say "probably less than Nortel".

To maximize its value, Nortel will likely need to find a Data buyer.

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