Day: February 7, 2006

Apple iPod Nano for $149

Pity the poor competitors to Apple’s iPods. Apple is rolling out new pricing and products so quickly that there seems
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Chris Savage on Two-Tiered Internet

I subscribe to a telecom regulatory list CYBERTELECOM.ORG and there are some lively regulatory discussions that take place on this
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Paris Peeved at Google

Let’s face it, the French don’t like when their culture gets overrun by cultures from other countries such as let’s
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Google and Dell Billion Dollar Deal

This morning, CNBC reported that Google is in close talks with Dell to install Google software on all Dell computers
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BMW Spams Google

In the search to optimize pages for search engines some sites use techniques described as spamming the search engines. There
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E-mail Tax

Perhaps I an now spoiled by the open and free nature of the Internet but I am pretty annoyed that
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