Day: April 28, 2006

More on Voice Communities

A well-known VoIP company I cannot identify will have a huge voice community announcement next week. Keep your eyes peeled
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Cable Telephony

Look no further than this article to see just how hot cable telephony is getting. Recently, Comcast showed a threefold
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Vonage IPO News

The Vonage IPO values the company at $2.65 billion according to TMCnet’s Bob Liu. For the full year, marketing expenses
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TMCnet Upgrade

The massive amount of traffic we are receiving daily at TMCnet has caused us to continually upgrade our web infrastructure.
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FLEXengine from Carrier Access

I am intrigued by the new software defined circuit and packet processing technology from Carrier Access… FLEXengine is used for
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World’s Fastest Growing Phone Company

  It is a commendable accomplishment and one that has ramifications that may not be immediately obvious. Skype has reached
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