TMCnet Upgrade

The massive amount of traffic we are receiving daily at TMCnet has caused us to continually upgrade our web infrastructure. This weekend or next we will be upgrading vital components with the goal being to provide you faster access to the latest communications technology and news. You may see a slight hiccup this Sunday or next as we transition to a server that sounds more like a jet engine than a computer. I am also convinced I can sear some tuna by touching it to the back of this computational bad boy.

Moreover, much of our software is being tweaked to ensure optimal performance. Thanks for making TMCnet the largest communications and technology community in the world. We should be passing the 1 million unique visitor mark per month mark any day now.

One last point… Thanks to you, TMCnet is in the top 1,400 sites in the world as ranked by Alexa. We are no Vonage (Alexa: 708) or Skype (Alexa: 209) but we’re getting there. 🙂

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