Day: June 12, 2006

Channel Arbitrage

There is just so much money floating around the market that I am devoting more and more time to VCs
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Hillary Clinton and Michelle Tehrani

A friend of my sister’s sent over this picture of my sister Michelle Tehrani and Hillary Clinton. Senator Clinton and
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Enterprise IMS

I have been speaking with a number of major service providers worldwide and am now convinced that IMS will see
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Allworx Gets Funded

VoIP funding is alive and kicking as evidenced by the latest 2 million dollar transaction allowing inSciTek Microsystems to get
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Moore’s Law

Good news from Intel for fans of Moore’s Law — Researchers have found a way to cut chip power consumption
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Skype/eBay Integration

It seems like some of that community building between eBay users and Skype technology is coming to an auction near
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