Day: August 3, 2006

UTStarcom IPTV

Here is some positive news about UTStarcom IPTV deployments in China. China telecom will be deploying IPTV to 51,000 users
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Really Huge AOL News

If you aren’t coming to VoIP DevCon to check out this really amazing news from AOL, you should. Conveniently located
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Vint Cerf on Net Neutrality

Here is a letter from Google’s Vint Cerf sent to Ted Stephens today regarding Net Neutrality. Interesting read. Obviously Cerf
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New Call Center Update

Here is a list of some of the newer call centers that have been launched around the world. There has
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CallVantage Comments

I received this e-mail today regarding my recent CallVantage article where I was confused about why AT&T would lower their
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Browser-Based VoIP

There is a race going on in the VoIP development community to allow IP communications functionality via a web browser.
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