Day: October 9, 2006

Partnering and Metcalfe’s Law

You may have had a chance to read my article a while back about Metcalfe’s Law and peering. The article mentions
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Visiting FaxBack at ITEXPO

I got this editorial pitch today for ITEXPO. You know I notice so many companies calling the show incorrectly IP
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ITEXPO Marriott Surf Limo

Here is the really cool limo the hotel sent me when I got to San Diego for ITEXPO. Check out
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Amman Jordan the latest ITEXPO Country

Mike Genaro TMC’s VP of Marketing informs me the latest new country to register for ITEXPO is an engineer from
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Open Source Communications and SIP come to

If you have any doubt about the future of open source communications consider it shattered as will soon be
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FCC: AT&T Now Guards the Cheese

Many people think one of the best things the FCC ever did was to put someone associated with COMPTEL on
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