Day: July 15, 2008

iPhone: Still Not For Business?

Sure the iPhone is getting better and even though it has no keyboard, it is becoming a better business device
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Olle Westerberg: Available Now

Olle Westerberg is certainly one of the most knowledgeable players in the IP communications space and is the CEO of
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Let’s Start Drilling

Sorry to take a break from covering communications and technology but if oil goes down in price, the world can
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Sun, Intel Have Positive News

While there was a run on one bank and United States financial institutions seem to be having some big problems,
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Sprint Nextel Acquired by SK Telecom

It looks like Sprint will be able to start over as part of a new company thanks to South Korea
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Did Carl Icahn Kill the Yahoo Deal?

I think many of us couldn’t stop watching the OJ trial years back — not because we wanted to but
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