Let’s Start Drilling

Sorry to take a break from covering communications and technology but if oil goes down in price, the world can start focusing on their lives and their professions instead of scrambling to find ways to offset higher oil prices. How on earth our government is not moving faster to get oil prices to drop is beyond me. For the sake of world economies I ask you to ask Congress to allow drilling everywhere.

If you are concerned about the environment (I am as well) we can always stop the drilling at a later date. Am I alone in worrying about $200, $250 or $300+ oil? We need to address these issues immediately.

While we are at it, why aren’t politicians funding nuclear power plants, solar companies, windmills and geothermal energy in massive numbers? What exactly are we waiting for. Let’s act now and get the price of oil back in line.

See Larry Kudlow’s comments for more.

PS: I don’t want this blog to get political but if no action is taken on this matter, please remember which party controls congress when you vote this fall.

  • saywhat?
    July 15, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    Oh please, don’t be a stupid unthinking republican pawn repeating the drivel of Rush Limbaugh and the like…
    First, republicans still control the congress. Certainly the important house (Joe Lieberman) Second, the oil companies already have rights to drill, and have had for a log time. They don’t drill to keep the prices high. The same way they don’t build refineries to keep the prices high.
    Third, even if they did start drilling now they could never get enough oil to make any small dent in the price, since we keep consuming more and more, never mind India, China, Brazil, etc?
    And- (yes there is more) gas prices aren’t even high! Yes, that is right, adjusted for inflation they are nothing compared to what other countries pay. They are finally close to being what they should be.
    What we need to do is stop letting the oil corporations rape the American people. People need to hold their elected officials responsible and stop worshiping these huge corporations as they bend over the American people and do with us whatever they want.
    Are you getting your facts from townhall.org or what?
    Very disappointing..

  • Tom Keating
    July 15, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    drill in ANWR, drill in the outer continental shelf, drill/mine for oil shale, add more wind, nuclear, and solar power. Do it all.
    but most importantly…
    drill baby drill! 🙂

  • Rich Tehrani
    July 16, 2008 at 9:47 am

    Perhaps the most important question I can ask “saywhat” is that why wouldn’t we drill now — even if the oil we produce makes a small dent in demand.
    It has become apparent to all of us that we need to conserve, scrap our Hummers, and explore alternative sources of energy. In some ways, high prices will ensure alternatives become viable quickly.
    My concern is the speed at which oil prices have increased. It has caught many off guard and is causing massive layoffs and business disruption. Take the airlines as a single example of an industry suffering because prices rose so quickly.
    Thousands in that industry have been let go because oil prices rose rapidly.
    Wouldn’t it be better to keep these and many other people employed. If we dropped the price of oil by 20-40% we would save some of these jobs and still, oil would be high enough to keep us looking to conserve and find alternative sources.
    Check out 10 Hidden Casualties of $4 Gas for more.

  • Tom Keating
    July 16, 2008 at 10:59 am

    First, an excerpt from an online article:
    Crude-oil futures for August delivery plunged $9.26, or 6.3 percent, almost immediately as Bush was speaking, bringing the barrel price down to $136.
    Now isn’t this interesting?
    Democrats keep saying that it will take 10 years or longer to produce oil from the offshore areas. And they say that oil prices won’t decline for at least that long. And they, along with Obama and McCain, bash so-called oil speculators. And today we had a real-world example as to why they are wrong. All of them. Reid, Pelosi, Obama, McCain — all of them.
    Traders took a look at a feisty and aggressive George Bush and started selling the market well before a single new drop of oil has been lifted. What does this tell us? Well, if Congress moves to seal the deal, oil prices will probably keep on falling. That’s the way traders work. They discount the future. Psychology and expectations can turn on a dime.
    now my thoughts…
    I’m all for alternative energy, solar power, nuclear power, even conservation. But none of these will fill my oil tank today nor the foreseeable future. Plus America’s population is growing so in 10 years we’ll need even more oil. There’s no guarantee we’ll discover the magic bullet that makes the combustion engine become extinct.
    Unfortunately, Obama and the Democrats are saying “no” to off shore drilling, no to more nuclear power, no to ANWR, no, no no! Just blame the speculators and oil companies.
    I agree with the Democrats on some issues, but energy policies surely isn’t one of them. They’re dead wrong on this one and I think it’ll hurt them come November.
    We shouldn’t hold America’s economy hostage to foreign oil in “hopes” we might one day discover this future alternative energy solution.
    Even if we find the magic energy bullet tomorrow, 50+ million American cars aren’t going anywhere in this generation. People have car loans to pay off, and new technology is always more expensive.

  • nicole
    July 16, 2008 at 11:20 am

    oh boy Rich,
    What a blog! Can’t say I agree with you. More oil isn’t going to solve the problems we are experiencing. We need a new strategic plan–less cars, less energy used. We should’ve figured out a plan long ago, unfortunately we had to wait for an energy crisis. Interested to see what will happen.

  • JF
    July 16, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    Saywhat, that is actually pretty funny. In one line you rail against the oil companies for bending over the American people, yet in the next line you explain how our gas prices are now where they should be. So which is it?
    C’mon! As is typical you offer not one solution. Just blame big business. So what should be done? Maybe you think we should nationalize everything as that has worked so well…
    I say drill and keep drilling until we find a viable alternative source of energy. And while we are at it, build nuclear facilities to help provide more energy.Do something, anything to begin to eliminate our dependence on oil being shipped in from the Middle East.
    I know that you are all wrapped up in the love and glory that is Obama and the fact that he will change everything and bring everyone together. That is a nice dream however everyone sitting around singing Cumbaya is not going to help lower energy costs, break our dependence on foreign oil nor lower the cost of transporting all of those wonderful things you can buy at a supermarket to survive.
    Sorry, sitting on a podium blaming big business for all of our ills will not solve anything.

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