Day: July 23, 2008

Panama and IP Communications

Robert Messer recently took what I hear was a spectacular trip to Panama. You remember Robert — he has been
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TMCnet’s iPhone Site

As the world’s leading media company in the communications and technology site, wouldn’t we be irresponsible if we didn’t launch
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Google Knol Released

This past December I discussed how Google’s Knol is a new Wikipedia competitor which will make it more difficult for
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Omniture Partners on Marketing Education

Omniture is working with a number of universities in an effort to better educate students on electronic marketing. Of course
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Unified Communications Almost Free

When Avaya started pushing $99/user unified communications solutions, I knew that there would be a price war in the UC
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iPhone Driving Wireless Broadband

For years, carriers worldwide tried pushing wireless data services and have been disappointed at how fast consumers were adopting the
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