iPhone Driving Wireless Broadband

For years, carriers worldwide tried pushing wireless data services and have been disappointed at how fast consumers were adopting the technology. What they failed to realize the entire time they were investing billions of dollars in network infrastructure was it isn’t the concept of wireless data consumers were avoiding, it was the crappy devices which existed.

I feel like I write about the iPhone daily and I swear I don’t want to do this but this device is really changing things for the better in the communications world. You see, AT&T released solid second quarter earnings with profits up 30% today. Thanks in part is due to broadband wireless plans courtesy of you guessed it — the iPhone.

Frankly the AT&T’s “The Internet is Hiding” campaign gets on my nerves but like the commercials or not, people are purchasing wireless Internet from the new Ma Bell in record numbers. And this is a really good thing because ubiquitous broadband means there are a slew of services we can sell to these mobile consumers and businesspeople.

Finally, we can start to rely on the fact that in developed nations, consumers will not only have broadband in their homes but in their cars, on the bus, etc. This is a big change and heralds in a new era of opportunity for web services, SaaS vendors and communications providers looking to add value.

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