Month: January 2013

The CES 2013 Trend? Body Paint and Hot DJs

Here at CES 2013 there is a trend towards hot female DJs instead of or in addition to booth babes
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FERRARI by Logic3 At CES

Here at CES 2013 at the FERRARI by Logic3 booth I checked out the Cavallino GT 1 Air, a 350W all-in-one
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Ford Makes Big CES Splash

Here at CES 2013 Ford has a major presence and is pushing its gadget-friendly vehicles with a drawing for prizes.
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Avicii Makes CES Splash

As a huge fan of both telecom and electronic dance music or EDM the news that one of the EDM
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Some Outside CES Shots

Here are some shots of the Las Vegas Convention Center where CES 2013 is being held. I will update you
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A Larger iPhone – Apple Will HAVE to Listen Now

Sometimes I feel like a broken record MP3 player but when you know you are right and you are a student
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