Predictions 7 Months Later

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Predictions 7 Months Later

Back in December, I made some predictions in an interview with Rich Tehrani. One of them was about HD Voice. We added another Alliance slash Peering Group, but still not enough density yet for HD. I'm thinking maybe in 2012.  (BTW, I still get asked how to do Fax over IP and TDM is still the answer for any volume of outbound faxing. Heck, we have SIP to SIP calls breaking down.)

Smartphones: can you say DROID!

RT: What's the most innovative product that's going to hit the market in 2010, from a company other than your own?
PR: Someone is going to figure out how to put UC in a simple GUI similar to SUTUS's box.

Well, Ringio has done a pretty good job of this and SUTUS is adding hooks and apps to its new box, too. So UC is getting simpler for the small business owner.


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