Nortel ACE is Hot- ACE Applications are Cool

HSBC is a global financial institution, with a multi-vendor voice network with well over 100,000 phones, and a large Tandberg desktop video environment.

One immediate problem they were trying to solve is how to make their management team more productive when traveling across HSBC locations. Not being able to connect in the financial industry can be traced back to loss of revenue opportunity and poor customer service. If HSBC had a single telephony vendor and was only concerned with telephony, this would be an easily addressed problem.

But what HSBC needed went well beyond single vendor telephony hot desking.

HSBC turned to Nortel with its service-powered, single number, voice and video, hot desking application, driven by a presence-enabled corporate portal. Truly cool!

Central to HSBC's unified communications strategy is the Nortel Agile Communication Environment (ACE), a very hot product judging by customer interest.

ACE is a SOA-enabled communication integration application, which delivers a number of services (e.g. click to notify, aggregated presence, context, location). It includes adaptors to Nortel and non-Nortel call managers, as well as to video systems (e.g., From Tandberg), and can integrate with Microsoft OCS and IBM Sametime desktops.

While initially targeting 1000 users, HSBC plans to expand this ACE application across the globe, a strong testament to the value proposition delivered by Nortel ACE.

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