Nortel Not Selling Enterprise Ethernet Biz

A recent headline, as headlines should, caught my eye and those of some of our enterprise customers. But while the article itself is much clearer, the title is totally misleading- Nortel is not selling its enterprise Ethernet business.

Last September, Nortel did announce its intention to sell its Metro Ethernet Networks business, a unit that focuses on service provider markets and has some pretty impressive optical technology leadership.

The enterprise Ethernet business, a key product portfolio in our enterprise business, is likewise going strong. The only thing we are selling is superior UC-optimized networking solutions.
> We're a solid #2 in PoE stackables
> We have the first stackable to exceed a Tbit/s
> We have the facts behind our claims for 20x performance, 7x the reliability, 40% less energy consumption and up to 50% TCO reduction compared to the other guy.
> And we have customers coming our way.

So don't believe everything you read.

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Nortel has fallen to #3, behind Cisco and HP. Check with Gartner.

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