Service-Powered Telepresence for Deloitte

Deloitte has chosen Nortel as a global managed services provider for telepresence, video conferencing and associated multimedia services, across 130 sites globally. It's a big deal.

The business value of these capabilities includes lower travel cost, increased productivity and reduced carbon footprint. This value comes as much from the technology as it does from the service dimension.

A Service-powered solution makes meeting with a client remotely as easy as walking into a conference room. You have got to love this if you are Deloitte consultant. The service is supported by eight Nortel Multimedia Network Operations Centers (MNOC's), providing 24x7x365 concierge-level service.

But you're not as big and global as Deloitte? No problem, just enter your typical travel costs for meetings with colleagues and customers, and you'll see your ROI as well as a positive impact on the environment.

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