Most Hyperconnected Sport Goes Virtual

Last month I introduced you to the most hyperconnected sport in the world.

On Sunday Nov 9, thirty solo racers left in an around the world solo, non-stop race (the Vendee Globe) in their 20m/60 foot 'formula 1' racing yachts. The fasted time todate? 87 days, 10 hours, 47 minutes and 55 seconds. During the first 24 hours, two boats were dismasted! Today, 18 boats remain and the leaders are just south of New Zealand (about half way).

Well, there's another race taking place for a 10,000 euro prize- a virtual one with over 250,000 participants! That's my boat, in the Southern Atlantic (I started late to try it out).


Based on where you want to go and 12/24/36-hour-wind forecasts, you choose your tack using one of seven sails. This race too will take months if you stick with it. Amazingly, the leader is also just south of New Zealand.

It's free, sorta- if you want an autopilot is will cost you 10 euros- sale optimization another 10 and timed-steering another 10. The advantage is that you don't get sea sick, you get to eat home cooking and there are no icebergs to dodge.... O yes, and you never get dismasted.

All in all, a nice distraction for the holidays.

All the best for 2009. Tony

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