Day: March 25, 2005

VoIP 911: Same as Cell Phone?

What is the inner VoIP community saying about this whole Texas 911 VoIP scandal? Simple… 911 from a cell phone
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XTEN Dynamo

Xten Networks wowed me recently by striking some impressive partnerships. The first was with GN Netcom, allowing you to purchase
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Octasic News

It is funny when I get asked by people why the VoIP market is growing so fast. I often have
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Intoto Happenings

I recently learned that Intoto is working on some reference designs with AT&T that are pretty intriguing. In case you
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Clearwire Blocks VoIP

In what has to be an April Fool’s joke only a week early ClearWire, a wireless broadband service provider is
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Vibrant Media

You may have noticed a proliferation of underlined terms on websites around the web. I am referring to the double-underlined
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