XTEN Dynamo

Xten Networks wowed me recently by striking some impressive partnerships. The first was with GN Netcom, allowing you to purchase a headset, soft client VoIP bundle with a neat hardware gizmo that is quite useful.

At the opposite end of the spectrum they work with Belkin enabling them to roll out a tremendous VoIP offering from retail to wholesale with integrated DSL modem devices, WiFi access points, etc.

They have positioned themselves as an ideal "go to" partner to get you into the VoIP space in a hurry. This must account for Xten’s amazing growth. I recently gave a keynote speech in Dallas at an Interactive Intelligence/Vonexus seminar and when I mentioned soft clients with PBX functionality to the audience, someone in the front row held up an IPAQ with a telephone pad on the screen. I asked what it was and it turned out it was the Xten software connecting to the back-office PBX. Turns out that Interactive Intelligence actually connects to the Xten soft client. This live demo gave my presentation that added punch anyone onstage can appreciate.

Why is this important? Again, it gets back to the ecosystem. The more companies that sell prepackaged components, the more companies there are that can compete up market. This in turn means more choice for the consumer and survival of the fittest for VoIP players.

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