Clearwire Blocks VoIP

In what has to be an April Fool’s joke only a week early ClearWire, a wireless broadband service provider is telling its customers it has the right to block a bunch of their different bandwidth hungry apps. Sure enough, VoIP is among the top of the list.

Of course in case you think there is something fishy going on here, you are most likely right as just a few weeks ago ClearWire announced a VoIP Alliance with Bell Canada.

More interesting is the fact that the company plans on offering it own VoIP service in the near future as well. In my opinion consumers should run screaming from any service provider that wants to help us determine what applications are appropriate to run on a service we are paying for. See the story here.

  • Randall Klopping
    March 4, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    My experience with clearwire has been a bad one. I am not getting anywhere close to the advertised bandwidth and in trying to bring the problems to their support team, there is no effort to get the problem solved, just excuses and no offer to refund since they haven’t delivered the service paid for. I even requested contact from an executive and got a run around by their service department on that too. I would not recommend them to an enemy even at this point! This account was given to me for a year by a friend to help me be able to show and sell my art on the Internet because I am disabled and the service works so lousy in trying to upload print files because they are throttling bandwidth on everyone. This is not how they represent their service to be!!!!

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