Day: December 3, 2007

Podcast Interview: Oswin Eleanora, Acision

In my travels, one of the more knowledgeable players I have run across in the space of telecom – and
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Titanium Watches? What about Headsets?

Recently I picked up a titanium watch. In fact I now am the proud owner of two titanium watches. I
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Laptopless Meetings

I am obviously in the majority in my thinking that a meeting without a laptop or Blackberry is a wasted
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Open Communications is the Future

If there is one thing Avaya is doing exceedingly well it is courting developers. Out of all the PBX vendors,
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Dinosaur Mummy

Recently a dinosaur mummy was found in the Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota and while a dinosaur mummy has
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TringMe and Flash Floods

Like flash floods, Flash phones will soon be overtaking the market in a rapid fashion as more and more developers
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