Dinosaur Mummy

Recently a dinosaur mummy was found in the Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota and while a dinosaur mummy has no skin – just rock, it has given scientists a fantastic look at what dinosaurs look like in real life. The 65 million year-old animal was 25 feet in length and of the duck-billed variety.
Scientists were able to discern scales of various sizes and even fleshy pads of skins on the hands which lead them to believe the creature generally walked on two and not four legs.

The mummy actually has another mummy inside it as a crocodile began eating the creature and died during the act.
Scientists are upset that television documentaries and books are being produced about the discovery without the traditional peer review that should take place. It is not surprising that the need to instantaneously report on news that has changed journalism and virtually all facets of the media is now beginning to change the way science works. It would seem to me those scientists better get comfortable with wikis and videoconferencing if they want to continue peer reviewing discoveries before the public is made aware of the details.
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