Day: March 8, 2010

Skooba Launches new Tech Organization Case

Updated and corrected March 11, 2010 — Please read till end. I feel like when I fly I have as
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VodBurner, a Great Recording Solution for Skype

I’ve recently spent some time using VodBurner, a new software package which automatically records your Skype calls – including video.
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An Opposing View to Obama on Healthcare

It seems the US president is on TV virtually every day touting how the government needs to take over more
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Israel VC Funds Down 92% from High

Some of the best technology in the world was invented in Israel. The VoIP market was launched in the country
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iPhone Becomes Remote Control

Just when you thought your smartphone is maxed out and can’t do much more, along comes the ThinkFlood RedEye mini
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