Skooba Launches new Tech Organization Case

Updated and corrected March 11, 2010 — Please read till end.

I feel like when I fly I have as many wires in my laptop case as the airplane has inside its hull. When you add in the memory sticks and batteries and various chargers for every device and then realize I like to have USB versions of many chargers, you can understand why my laptop case would have to pay for a second seat if it was a passenger.

Here is a nice photo provided by the company


When Skooba let me know they have a new cable organizer coming out I had to try it if for no other reason than I am the most qualified person to test one of these things out.

Skooba sent me their Cable Stable DLX and when I got it, I took out all my cables and started to stuff them in this new case.

The case works as advertised – but you aren’t going to fit laptop chargers in it.

Still, for many of your smaller chargers -a headset, mobile phone, etc. you are all set. Here are some shots of how my organizer looks now. The sad part is I need another one to fit all my stuff. Either that or I have to learn how to throw things out.



skooba-2.jpg skooba.jpg
I just received this email from Skooba President/CEO Michael Hess:

I am not sure which laptop power adapters you tried, but the Cable Stable most definitely will hold all current power blocks (it is specifically designed to). Please see the attached snapshot–we all use them here for that purpose. The photo shows my own Stable with the iGo multi-adapter (which is the size of the average 15″ laptop block), along with my Lenovo adapter and all cords. I also superimposed the dimensions of the largest power block we know of, which is for a Dell 17″ desktop replacement laptop.

Please note that this is by no means intended to argue with your assessment or opinion, just to show you examples. Most importantly, if there is indeed an adapter that you tried that didn’t fit, *please* let us know so we can investigate whether or not we need to adjust the product in future production. We’d appreciate the info.

Mike is right (extremely polite) and I am wrong. If you keep the wires and bricks separate you can fit them in. It is the ultimate optical illusion. Here is a photo of the case in action storing laptop bricks. BTW – I should also mention the carrying handle in the binding which comes in handy if you start to fill the case up with heavy electronics as I now have.


  • lame
    March 8, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    LAME product. No one will use that crap.

  • Michael
    March 11, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Dear commenter…. hi, it’s Michael from Skooba Design. Of course we are so sorry to hear that you think the product is “lame!” It’s not something we normally hear about our products, but we fully respect all opinions and criticism. That said, for what it’s worth, The Cable Stable (both the earlier model and the new one) is among our best-selling products in our 10 years in business–we’ve sold tens of thousands or more–and believe it or not, we have *never* had one returned because someone didn’t like it! I am not saying this to be defensive or argue with your opinion, only to suggest that if you were to see and use one you might find it to be something maybe a little better than “lame.” But again, we really accept all comments, good and bad. We do our best and work very hard to make stuff that gets great reviews and we’re fortunate that that’s usually the case.
    On another note, just to clarify something in the original post, the Cable Stable will indeed hold any current laptop power adapter (we all use them here for that, and one of our designers has the largest power block on the market, for a Dell desktop replacement laptop). I will send a photo to the reviewer just to show that it does indeed work.
    Thanks again,

  • Alex's 17.3 Cases
    September 29, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    I disagree Lame. This thing is a really cool idea. I’m surprised you don’t see this kind of thing more often. Most laptop bags don’t show much consideration for the extensive amount of cords most people carry around with them. Being able to hold the power brink is a big plus as well.

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