VodBurner, a Great Recording Solution for Skype

I’ve recently spent some time using VodBurner, a new software package which automatically records your Skype calls – including video. The software package installs simply and then just activates when the call begins. It subsequently produces video files which are customizable via the company’s post-production console.

A video interview (not done by TMC) using VodBurner of company founder Jeremy Hague

The quality of the console and what it can do is adequate for most consumer and social networking use and it will likely work for most training environments as well. Using the software you can add numerous captions and allow either participant or both to be visible when you “produce” your final file.

At this point you can easily upload to social networks using the software or play it locally.

Once post-production is complete you can export in a range of sizes. I tried exporting files in 854×480 format a few times had problems doing so each time. What worked for me repeatedly though was the 640×480 size.

All in all VodBurner is a good solution for Skype recording and with some tweaking it can become even better. I suggest the company continue improving the post-production console allowing more professional transitions and work out some glitches which caused me to reboot once during my testing in order to get the product to export properly.

But the program is relatively new so these problems are forgivable. And in the end, the ability to record your video meetings and conversations with the kids more than makes up for a few minor problems I experienced in my review.

The company calls their payment model freeish — which means you get 30 days to use the software and then you pay $9.95/month to eliminate the watermark the company will then put into your videos. If you don’t mind the watermark, you can continue to use it for free.

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