Month: April 2013

IDC: PC Sales Decline Substantially

According to IDC, PC sales are in a tailspin with 76.3 million units sold in the first quarter of 2013.
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Hyperlapse Takes Street View to Next Level

The most fascinating demo I have seen today which seems to have no immediate use is Hyperlapse – a service
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SugarCon 2013 Kicks off this week in NYC

I am spending some time at the Sugar CRM SugarCon 2013 conference this week to learn about the trends in the
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Does Bezos’ Money Present an Objectivity Problem for Business Insider?

I am left wondering if there will be any perceived objectivity issues as a result of the $5M investment by
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Has the SEC killed the Press Release?

Has the SEC just signed the death warrant for the press release market? Possibly. Standard operating procedure today is to
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Windows 8 Relegated to Budget Status?

Microsoft seems to make an OS you HAVE to buy while Apple makes an OS you WANT to buy The
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Content Marketing: It Works for Obama and Your Company

How content marketing kept President Obama in office despite a challenging economy To the tens of millions of people who
Read More Reduces IM Islands with HTML5

With the billions of messages sent each year it is tough to come to the conclusion that messaging is broken
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Video: How Nanobots or Nanites Could Work

For Star Trek fans who have grown up seeing fictional nanites solving a variety of problems in the human body
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