Windows 8 Relegated to Budget Status?

Microsoft seems to make an OS you HAVE to buy while Apple makes an OS you WANT to buy


The Microsoft Store has good news for people waiting to pick up a new Windows 8 machine… Lower prices on relatively new hardware. Interestingly, only a few specific models saw their prices decreased. Some believe it has to do with specific  models which didn’t sell well while others think the challenge is Windows 8 itself. Certainly PC manufacturers haven’t been shy in telling the world that Windows 8 is unsatisfactory so one imagines the problem here is a lack of purchaser enthusiasm for the new OS.

Before I go on, it’s worth mentioning the savings on at least one machine is a solid 30% – specifically the Toshiba Satellite U95T-S2130 convertible Ultrabook is now priced at $799 – from $1,149. The ASUS TAICH 21-UH51 dropped merely $100 from $1,299 to $1,199 – this Ultrabook/tablet hybrid with its dual-screen design is likely too expensive to drop further in price.

It’s worth pointing out this news is a serious sign of weakness for Microsoft who is losing marketshare in the tablet and smartphone space and for now mindshare in the PC category.

Then again, for Microsoft and its partners, bare bones margins have been the norm while Apple was always able to charge a premium for their products.

It seems Microsoft is getting known for making an OS you HAVE to buy while Apple makes an OS you WANT to buy.

The irony is that from a hardware standpoint the difference between Apple’s products and the latest crop of hardware running Redmond’s software is very small. This may tell us the problem with consumer and business adoption of these new machines definitely has to do with Windows 8. Interestingly I am beginning to get backlash from pro-Microsoft readers whenever I mention something negative about Windows 8. This is new for me. It’s something I am familiar with hearing this sort of feedback from Apple loyalists, not Microsoft. This may tell us that Windows 8 is just a polarizing OS which may require time for the masses to accept.

With these new “budget” price points however, people on the fence may be tempted to give the new OS a spin.

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