Nortel Customer Perspectives

After ITExpo, I took the opportunity, while I was in Miami, to meet with three customers, two Nortel voice shops and one "very happy" Nortel data shop.

Let me share with you some sound bytes from the two CIOs and an IT Director, with whom I spoke.

"I now better understand Nortel's filing is a solution to a problem".
"Nortel is well positioned in these economic times with their investment protection story".
Striking an alliance with Microsoft was "Nortel's best move", and should really help us.
"I am interested in web.alive for e-learning environments", web.alive being a proof point of our continued focus on innovation

I came away understanding that these customers will be sticking with Nortel. Thank you.

More broadly and since the announcements on January 14, the Nortel Enterprise Solutions business unit has had success in continuing to win new customers and securing contracts on a global basis. This goes beyond routine projects and includes the addition of hundreds of new wins across a variety of industries, including the world's largest hospitality network install; two world-renown universities; two of the world's largest financial services providers; an international airport; as well as leading medical centers and banking institutions.

Draw your own conclusions.

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