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10 Reasons Why Microsoft is Winning

With new CEO Satya Nadella at the helm, Microsoft is changing and into something it needs to be. A company embracing a...

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Recognizing the Similarities Between WebRTC and VoIP

Next week I’ll be giving a keynote at the WebRTC Conference and Expo V.  When I last gave a keynote at...

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Invisible is Good Design

The whole idea of being a technology provider is that you make the technology invisible to the customer. They just have...

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VDSL and Vectoring are Important Parts of Broadband Deployment

By: Wendy Zajack, Dir. Product Communications, Alcatel-Lucent

From original on Alcatel-Lucent corporate blog

A few months ago our home WiFi slowed to a crawl. At first we thought it was a temporary thing, but after my son ran a diagnostic there was a problem with our high-speed broadband.  

While the technician was fixing it, he mentioned that for an extra $10 a month we could get a faster plan.  Living in the US we already (in my opinion) pay enough for our monthly broadband package so I immediately said ‘no.’ But I told my kids that IF they wanted to pay for it … we would consider it.

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Outlining the FUture of SEamless COmmunication at FUSECO

Next week Dialogic will be on a panel at the Fuseco Forum in Berlin, which is a forum about the “future...

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10 Reasons why CurrentC Will Lose the Mobile Payment War

By now, most of us have heard that retailers such as CVS allowed NFC-based payments for a few days via Apple Pay...

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Why E-Mail Sucks and How to Make it Smarter

Many of us live in email. I get hundreds per day and I need almost every message. I am also a source...

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Telecom Agent Considerations in Selecting a Service Provider

November 13, 2014

As an Agent, you have a number of decisions to make. You need to decide what you wish to sell (services, products or systems), to whom you wish to sell (small, medium or large businesses, or target verticals), what you need to be successful (product, organizational structure and pricing) and with whom you should partner (an OEM, service provider or Master Agency). You also need to view yourself as a small business owner, and understand that if you are not investing the time to make correct decisions, you are not properly managing your business.

As I look back upon my nearly twenty years working with indirect selling channels, I have settled upon, in my opinion, the seven key considerations for Agents selecting a service provider.

Wheeler Embraces Technology-Neutral Regulation

November 6, 2014


At a time of significant change in the political makeup of our country, and the advent of a rewrite of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is endorsing the concept of technology-neutral regulation. Rather than paraphrase the Chairman, here are the comments from his blog of October 31st:

“Earlier this week, I circulated a proposal to update the Commission’s rules to give video providers who operate over the Internet – or any other method of transmission – the same access to programming that cable and satellite operators have.

What do the Midterm Elections Mean to Telecommunications?

November 4, 2014

 haven’t listened to every debate around the country, but I am willing to bet there have been no questions asked of candidates about issues regarding telecommunications. I find this interesting because telecom is a very important to our economy, our lives and how we, as a country, maintain our position as the sole remaining superpower. Clearly, as the CMO of ANPI, I spend most of my day developing product and marketing strategies to grow our Hosted Unified Communications business. But I am also a member of the IP communications community and a citizen with broader concerns.

How to Drive Hosted Unified Communications Adoption

October 31, 2014

Often, companies decide the best way to drive a new technology adoption is to have an employee or group become evangelists for the new product. While designating people as evangelists is a good idea, it is not the best way to get employees to use new things. A far better way to ensure adoption is to provide information about the potential technology acquisition to employees as early in the process as possible. By involving employees in the selection and decision process, they have an increased level of ownership in making use of the technology successful.

Fixed Mobile Convergence is Coming of Age

October 21, 2014

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is an odd name for a very beneficial capability. FMC is the ability to transfer calls seamlessly between a fixed or wireline phone and a wireless device. FMC has been around for nearly a decade and remains fairly unknown to the average person. However, this past weekend, FMC got a big boost.

Presence and Instant Messaging are the Best of Hosted Unified Communications

October 14, 2014

For me, the last few weeks have been marked by a flurry of shows and speaking engagements. ANPI has spoken on the subject of Hosted Unified Communications to audiences at COMPTEL PLUS, BroadbandVision, MATSS, Great Lakes Technology Showcase and BroadSoft Connections. Most of the attendees have heard of UC, but still find it difficult to boil down the primary reason for implementing the solution. I find it very important to speak to these attendees without assuming they understand UC, and, thus, my objective is to deliver definitions and value propositions that resonate with them, their business and the businesses of their customers.

The Top Reasons for Search Engine Marketing

October 9, 2014

The goal of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for most businesses is to generate website traffic. That is, however, an incorrect objective. The goal should be to generate specific kinds of traffic. If you are building awareness, then the net cast for attracting viewers can be very broad, and the sources of traffic can cover any number of search engines, social media sites and various PPC alternatives.

But, Wait! There's More! (Part 2!)

August 6, 2014

Previously, I made a push to demonstrate that SIP Trunking was moving beyond Early Adopter towards Early Majority. Several facts point to the increasing demand and shorter buying cycle. Before the end of 2015, SIP Trunk sales will exceed T1s, with Infonetics reporting that 58% of the 300 companies surveyed plan to purchase SIP Trunks (versus 55% buying T1s). Granted the percentages are close, and probably within the margin of error, but the difference represents a significant trend in the adoption of SIP Trunks over the last few years.

IRS Approves Windstream REIT for Asset Spin Off

August 1, 2014

Windstream came up with the novel approach of designating its network circuits (fiber or copper) as real estate, and recently received approval from the Internal Revenue Service. The new designation was allowed using the legal definition of “real estate,” or income earning assets that cannot be moved. Certainly, a copper or fiber circuit falls into that category. Windstream will use the approval by the IRS to create a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), which will be spun off into another investment opportunity for interested parties.

And the State of Unified Communications is Good

July 24, 2014

In continuing my review of InformationWeek’s 2014 State of Unified Communications, I want to hit on several observations. The first is to address the lingering view that the desk phone will die and all workers will become mobile workers. It is going to happen. In fact, the InformationWeek survey found that a majority of workers (53%) have already switched to softphones, smartphones or other mobile devices.

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