Mazda Rotary Engine to Cease Electric-Range Anxiety

The rotary or Wankel engine is an automotive marvel. It revs higher than an engine with cylinders and weighs far less. It allowed the last-generation Mazda RX-7 to perform more like a slot-car thanks to the light weight of the overall vehicle.


The RX-7 died out mainly because it was a fragile care and din’t last. It had aluminum doors and roof and falling acorns would dent it. We pity people who were in an accident with the car.

The RX-8 was also rotary-powered, had back seats accessed to what the automotive industry terms “suicide doors.” For some reason, this car didn’t make it either. We can’t figure out why. eye-rolling 

The Wankel is back at least that is what we keep hearing. Mazda will use a rotary engine to extend the range of its electric vehicles. We first covered this in December of 2015. The small, light engine is said to be perfect for charging on-board batteries.

CNET reports once again what we reported in 2015.

A typical family who typically makes short trips and occasionally makes a long one might have one electric vehicle and one gas-powered. If Mazda can pull this off, a family can have two electrics – one with a range extender for long trips.

The BMW I-3 has a range-extender as well but it isn’t really gaining much traction compared to Tesla.

We’ll see if Mazda has more success with its RX-Vision below.


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