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A recent IDC study sponsored by Nortel found that the percent of respondents willing to send business text messages on vacation varied from 52% in China and 67% in the United Arab Emirates to 11% in Canada and 17% in Japan.

Another survey of city workers in the U.K. by CREDANT Technologies found that 83% plan to take their mobile phone or BlackBerry with them on vacation, while 65% plan to make contact with the office.

This may be just fine for you, but if you feel that you are suffering from cellphonitis, help is at hand.

The Fairmont Hotel and Resorts in the Canadian Rockies has just launched "electronic rehab get-aways" for mobile phone addicts. When you sign up for the weekend package, you hand over your cell phone, BlackBerry or other mobile device. Then sit back and smell the roses (if in season) and take in the great vistas (year round).

Does it have to come to this? Unified Communications should provide you the tools to personalize who reaches you and how and when.

One option is the off switch!

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