Time to Move On

This is my last blog posting, two years to the day and 160+ postings after entering the blogsphere, and six months after retiring from Nortel, where I worked for 37 years. I left out the front door, but was saddened to leave a company that had entered bankruptcy and was being sold off.

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Having my own blog been fun and quite a learning experience!

Throughout I tried to educate, entertain and promote Nortel's cause in this exciting new medium.

The theme of the blog was Hyperconnectivity, a megatrend whereby everyone and everything that could benefit from being connected will be connected; or more succinctly the "exploding network of people, computing and things".

Education came in many forms. For example, most recently I talked to new applications enabled through the Internet of things. But I have talked a lot about UC and social networking, and exciting new solutions such as Web.alive.

Entertainment took many forms. Take a look at the posts on virtual sailing around the world, http://blog.tmcnet.com/the-hyperconnected-enterprise/green-it/think-green-on-st-pattys-day.asp and missing links.

Promoting Nortel's cause on the blogsphere was somewhat of an experiment. While being in the CTO office, I got closely linked with a new marketing push we had in leveraging social networking. While there were numerous Nortel blogs such as Buzzboard, mine was the only one not on a Nortel site (providing some unique opportunities).

Worked pretty well, even though we were all learning. For example, at one point, 3 of the top 4 stories on an Brad Reese's Cisco blog (including one on Cisco's Nexus launch) were about Nortel- a strong demonstration of the value of social networking when tightly linked to marketing strategies. Another example was promoting Nortel's leadership in energy efficient networking, a very important differentiator against Cisco.

My thanks Rich Tehtrani (a very prolific blogger himself) and his TMCnet team for giving me the opportunity to blog on their site and to write a column for over ten years..

Thanks to you my readers and godspeed to all, particularly to my co-workers at Nortel many of whom are losing or have lost their jobs, or continue to work in a stressful environment.

And here's to the Hyperconnected Enterprise, a concept that is increasingly being realized across an ever-broader range of of business applications, encompassing mobile people, computing AND connected things.


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