Day: November 29, 2005


Service oriented architectures are something I have been writing more and more about recently. Expect SOA and communications to become
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Spanish TMCnet

We are really excited about our TMCnet in Español site. We are receiving much positive feedback on the content. For
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Israel Bans VoIP

I was horrified to read on Tom Keating’s blog that Israel may soon be banning VoIP or doing its best
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SER For Sale

Rumor has it SER is for sale and has $50 million in sales for the year. The sale makes good
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Get a Free iPod Nano

I stopped in the Apple store yesterday and was amazed at how many iPod Nanos they are selling. For the
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FCC to Cable: Offer Individual Channels

The big FCC news today is a Wall Street Journal story reporting that the commission will soon suggest that cable
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