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We are really excited about our TMCnet in Español site. We are receiving much positive feedback on the content. For me, this endeavor is truly unusual as I cannot fully understand Spanish. I have a wonderful team of people that do of course speak the language but it is certainly exciting to be producing content in a foreign language that I can’t fluently speak.

What does this expansion mean for TMC? TMCnet is already the world’s most popular communications site and it is a natural extension for us to want to educate people in other languages as well. Somewhere around 600,000-700,000 unique visitors have come to TMCnet each of the past few months and our site is ranked in the top 2,400 in the world by (A division of

More amazing is that TMCnet was ranked in the top 8,000 sites when we decided to start producing content in Spanish a few months back. We have moved 5,600 spots quite rapidly.

In addition to massive traffic we are also generating tremendous stickiness. In fact TMCnet averages 6.0 page views per visitor! This means on average each visitor looks at 6 pages per visit to TMCnet. This is unheard of for any news site I am aware of.

Page Views per user:


1 wk. Avg.

3 mos. Avg.

3 mos. Change





                                        Actual Alexa Data 11/29/05

I also want to thank many of you for repeatedly visiting and bookmarking our channels and our new IP Communications community sponsored by Intel.

Please feel free to make the best use of TMCnet. We have divided the site by topic and audience type meaning regardless of whether you are a service provider looking for session border controller stories or a government decision-maker looking for VoIP stories, TMCnet is the right place for you.

I am proud of my web team and all they have done. Please send us feedback on how we can improve and make the site even better. Thank you also for repeatedly visiting TMCnet and building by far the largest and strongest online communications community in the world.

PS: In the upcoming weeks expect TMCnet to announce some major improvements. If you think we are the best site in communications and technology now, just give us a few weeks.

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