Israel Bans VoIP

I was horrified to read on Tom Keating’s blog that Israel may soon be banning VoIP or doing its best to stop the progress of this technology. Israeli officials are not happy about the loss of revenue being attributed to VoIP but there are some things they aren’t taking into account.

For example, how much M&A activity in Israel in the past seven years has been a result VoIP and related technologies? How many VoIP engineers are working on VoIP products and services?

Everyone in the industry knows that armies of Israeli programmers are working VoIP. So many companies worldwide put their VoIP R&D labs in Israel in fact!

In my opinion if Israel takes on an anti-VoIP stance it will be disastrous for them from an employment perspective. How can the country that benefits perhaps the most from VoIP employment work to stop the adoption of the same technology? I hope this sentiment is reversed quickly.

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