Day: September 5, 2007

Call Center Consolidation

There is more and more talk of call center consolidation and suites of products from single vendors seem to be
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I recently had the opportunity to ask Sandra Gault, EVP of Marketing at the rapidly expanding communications product company Allworx
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Fonality FtOCC Training

Great news. Fonality FtOCC (pronounced F-Talk) Technician Certification is sold out at next week’s ITEXPO in Los Angeles, CA. There
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Extreme Video Solutions

Affordable Telepresence I recently came across a company offering video conferencing solutions at an attractive price using a leasing model
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Good Bye Foleo

On May 31st, 2007 I mentioned the Palm Foleo was doomed. Specifically I wrote the following:   It seems doomed
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Business 2.0 Shuts Down

There have been rumors about Business 2.0 Magazine shutting down for a while now. I heard about them a month
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