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Affordable Telepresence
I recently came across a company offering video conferencing solutions at an attractive price using a leasing model instead of a direct product sale. The company is called Extreme Video Solutions and is based in Arizona. For about $3,000/month and a minimum 3-year lease you get a T1 line and a 61” monitor with unlimited video conferencing. You don’t pay extra for multipoint conferencing — it is all included.
The company bills its solution as something simple and easy to use – a secure, private TV network at a reasonable price. They also tell me the quality of the system is superb. I haven’t had a chance to see it for myself as of yet.
One of the Extreme Video Solutions’ customers is Major League Baseball who has the solution in 90 sites and use it in contract negotiations. There are a number of other Fortune class companies using these solutions as well.
The system is patented in 31 countries I am told and in addition MLB has used it on a 35-point conference call for 3.5 hours with no hiccup.
As bandwidth is used up in multipoint conferencing the audio quality is said to hold up just fine. In addition you are able to allow access to your camera so people on the conference can control your camera remotely. You can also mute the audio and video as needed. As the number of endpoints grows you can set up conference rooms to make it easier to connect with others. In other words, instead of having to remember how to connect to 20 of these systems you can just ask the participants to meet you at 1:00 in conference room A.
The company is about to release a solution allowing PCs to be in on a conference call. Preliminary pricing (subject to change without notice – check the company’s site) will be a $10,000 set up fee and $19.95 per computer.
Extreme Video Solutions has it’s NOC in New Jersey and demo centers around the US. I haven’t had a chance to see the system in action but I look forward to doing so at some point in the future.
My take is we could look back at this year and say it is the year of videoconferencing. I have joked about this concept before as no year seems to be the year of videoconferencing but there really seems like a critical mass of companies selling products and services into this market. Certainly Cisco promoting telepresence does not hurt. I would love your feedback… Just meet me in conference room A at 1:00.

  • alexscheiden@gmail.com
    April 27, 2008 at 12:34 am

    hAVE YOU HEARD OF “homemeeting” for teaching? What is your take on that?

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