Day: August 31, 2011

Exciting New ITEXPO Keynote, Michael Tribolet with magicJack VocalTec

Two months back I told you that IP communications veteran Michael Tribolet, someone involved in the founding and growth of
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Cloud Communications: That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

Seinfeld fans rejoice – I haven’t forgotten about you – and Kenny Bania is now forever immortalized in this blog.
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Streaming Radio? There’s An App For EACH Station

I love all kinds of music and unless I am in the mood for something slow, I find the faster
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Sure, Ads Don’t Influence You, & You Aren’t Reading This Headline Either

I have always been fascinated by advertising – it is a huge part of the business I am in, selling
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Why Blocked AT&T, T-Mobile USA Deal is Good for Growth

Critics might say, in the history of M&A, it is difficult to recall one instance where more jobs were created
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