Cloud Communications: That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

Seinfeld fans rejoice – I haven’t forgotten about you – and Kenny Bania is now forever immortalized in this blog. He came to mind and his expression “That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!” seems so fitting when I get to talking about the cloud. You see, the cloud continues to be one of the most exciting areas TMC covers and as more companies move their tech and telecom into the cloud, they have questions about how best to go about transitioning.

This is exactly why I thought it fitting to share the fact that TMC, where I am CEO and Embrase Business Consulting have announced exciting program updates for Cloud Communications Summit. Some of the most exciting developments are getting to hear the thoughts of Jan Dawson, Ovum’s chief telecom analyst, who will anchor Wednesday afternoon’s session.

Moreover, there will be heavy focus on the international cloud communications market as well as a social networking & M&A lunch keynote and some late breaking developments in cloud news you can’t miss. Here are the details.

Oh and on a side note – ITEXPO and collocated events always try to educate you with ALL the relevant information you need. And in a world where everything is converging at once this means we have a wealth of content. So much so, even our good friends tease about it from time to time. The good news is we don’t plan on offering any conferences focusing on Round-Tine – yet. smiley-laughing

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