Streaming Radio? There’s An App For EACH Station

I love all kinds of music and unless I am in the mood for something slow, I find the faster the beat the better. So I have been on a quest for the best workout music and I’ve had good success but I am wondering, how many more apps can I take?

Everyone probably started their journey with Pandora as I did. I love how customizable Pandora is – allowing me to skip tracks I don’t like and build perfectly customizable radio stations. I even pay for Pandora but I still get scolded by the app from time to time because apparently I skip too many songs.

I also have a paid Slacker subscription – they even upgraded me to Slacker Premium Radio which allows me virtually unlimited skipping and access to millions of tracks on-demand. I really love this service – when I want to hear a particular song, quite often it is available. Sometimes I have found that Slacker finds the song I want but doesn’t allow me to play it. In these cases it creates a custom radio station which quite often will play the song I was seeking.

I also have a Sirius/XM subscription which works great but I find the choice of one really good top 40 station and two dance stations to be limiting.

I further have a Sonos music system in my home and it has allowed me to find lots of great new radio stations such as which I believe has some of the best dance music available anywhere. The station has an app as well and two of its stations available via the application have awesome dance music 24×7. I use Google Chrome on my PC to listen and its integrated translate feature allows me to read most of the native German site.

I also have a paid subscription to Live365, another app which gives me access to a wealth of streaming music options. I have found some great dance music via Live365 and DJ D’s Remix Radio out of Ohio (Really, Ohio??) is one of the best around.

First off, I hate the fact that I feel like an IT director while I work out. I need to open this app, then that app and deal with interface after interface. Moreover, seems to heat up the phone and suck battery life faster than all the other apps. Thankfully when the battery gets low, I can turn to Slacker and access my huge repository of cached music – saving me the battery taxing effects of streaming the songs from the Internet.

The interesting thing is that Sonos is plugged into most of these stations – except Slacker – what’s up with that? I love to use Sonos in my house because it makes all the interfaces look similar enough that it doesn’t make me feel I am at work, dealing with tech all day.

Why can’t Sonos do the same out of the house?

Perhaps the reason is the company isn’t big enough to have the clout needed to get all these stations to allow them to make this happen. The good news is Sonus just announced it has achieved music streaming in one-million rooms. Quite an accomplishment for a system which starts at hundreds of dollars and can escalate quickly as you add rooms.

There is an obvious opportunity here and it’s some company’s for the taking. Will Sonos be the one to deliver the integrated streaming radio interface or will it be Apple, Facebook or Google? Perhaps we aren’t talking about the biggest market in the world but Pandora Media has a market cap of $2.13B as of this writing so someone out there thinks it is a worthy space.

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