Month: April 2017

GENBAND Enables Carriers to Take On Silicon Valley

In 2010, we told you Genband has become a mini Alcatel-Lucent for all practical purposes and we couldn’t help thinking of this,
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New Flowroute Customer Onboarding Platform Lubricates CSP Porting

Smoothly and effectively onboarding new enterprises is one of the most significant operational challenges for cloud communications providers. Flowroute is
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Konftel Goes BIG and small in Conferencing

The BIG news from Konftel is they hope to solve the huge headache most people experience when trying to set
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CounterPath Bria-X Delivers Cost-Effective UCaaS Solution

In the 1990s Novell had a lock on servers in the enterprise. There was no Linux but SCO UNIX and
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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow Powers Digital Transformation

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is making progress becoming a communications enabler and thereby an enabler of digital transformation via Open Rainbow, their
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Will the FCC Ban Talking on Flights Next?

We realize this is a controversial topic as many people didn’t want internet on flights, let alone calling. Having said
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Stupid Mistakes Lead to Kelihos Botnet Spam Lord Arrest

Russian Pyotr Levashov spread ransomware and other malicious software through the Kelihos botnet, possibly hacked the U.S. election and probably
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Getting workers these days to adopt the technology the company mandates is a bit like telling your children to eat
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New 8×8 Communications Cloud Enables Digital Transformation

Bryan Martin of 8×8 told us the company’s new Communications Cloud is analogous to the other clouds companies have in
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CafeX Chime Shows How Communications Enables Digital Transformation

There is is a nonstop movement from traditional communications and UC players to add value to their applications and services.
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