Konftel Goes BIG and small in Conferencing

The BIG news from Konftel is they hope to solve the huge headache most people experience when trying to set up the conference phone in a meeting. How? The Konftel 300IPx (we will refer to this as hardware) and Konftel Unite mobile app (we will refer to this as software) work together so a single click is all it takes to join a meeting.

Many of us techies have in-car navigation which could costs thousands of dollars yet we prefer an app – Google Maps, Waze, etc. This is the same idea but the 300IPx does have a small screen as well if you want to use it.


We had a recent discussion with Torbjörn Karlsson and Stefan Eriksson and they told us all about the solution and how it works.

The hardware has NFC, allowing a quick connection with your phone – unless it’s an iPhone, because Apple has decided the masses don’t need NFC at the moment. 

The software syncs with your calendar and prompts you when you have a meeting. If you accept, it dials the number and pin code for you. You can also set up conference groups for one-touch and instant meetings.

The hardware supports SIP and the audio goes through IP. Unlike some other solutions the system is easy to set up and configure. 100 people can use the phone but they tell me the number is theoretically unlimited. To be honest, the idea of 100+ people talking at once reminds us of our family around the holidays.

Multiple people can connect to the device and the first person to connect has control until another connects. You can also clear a connection fro the hardware itself. And if the person who sets up the call leaves the room with their device, the call continues.


On the small front, they also released the Ego – its a personal speakerphone. It is a bit larger than what we’ve seen on the market and its design is gorgeous. It actually sounds a bit louder than the smaller competitors a swell. Erik Linask and I spent some time listening to it and marveling at the sound quality of such a small device. And it’s not too heavy. It’s in my backpack and will likely stay there as I always need a device like this and I somehow keep losing them. If you want to have a single lightweight device to play music and take conference calls, the Ego could be just the ticket.

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