New 8×8 Communications Cloud Enables Digital Transformation

Bryan Martin of 8×8 told us the company’s new Communications Cloud is analogous to the other clouds companies have in place – marketing and sales for example. The service combines UC, collaboration, contact center and analytics into a single streamlined package.


The company’s Team Collaboration is an open solution connecting to other communications platforms such as Slack and Hipchat – allowing them to interoperate. Bryan tells us they can connect 50 of these services together. 

The openness angle is a very interesting one – is it better to be connected to all the various solutions on the market or try to acquire one of your own and lock customers in? The approach reminds us of what Mitel has been pushing lately with their solutions – they work with legacy handsets – allowing customers to delay forklift upgrades. In other words, interop can be a great way to boost share as customers do hate to forced to buy from a single source.

For more, check out our interview with 8×8 CEO Vik Verma – where many of his thoughts got us thinking about the 10 seismic trends in communications creating billions in value. Bottom line, the company is one of the leaders in adding value to traditional telecom – Vik calls it Communications 2.0 and it basically means you will be able to use it to transform your business, making it more efficient and productive.

Speaking of seismic communications trends… 

Communications 20/20 will be held July 18-20, 2017 at Caesars Palace,


Las Vegas, Nevada and will focus on the next wave of technology and innovation that will transcend the importance of person to person contact, disrupting the future of the entire communications industry. Communications 20/20 will provide vital knowledge and insight through unique programming, hands on training, live demos, keynotes, exhibits and networking events.

This unique conference will allow for individuals and companies entrenched in the traditional communications ecosystem that want to understand how to adapt and profit from the new software-defined communications trends that will permeate through all industries and enterprises.

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