Will the FCC Ban Talking on Flights Next?

We realize this is a controversial topic as many people didn’t want internet on flights, let alone calling. Having said that, Your’s Truly has turned on WiFi Calling on his phone and does occasionally talk in the iPhone mid-flight. The connection isn’t usually that great and it is very difficult to hear with all the background noise from the engines. Also – because the upload speed is generally severely limited, the other party will often be challenged to hear you clearly.

The minor inconvenience fellow passengers face from a nearby phone call is certainly far less than noise generated by people talking around you. Meaning, if noise is the issue, why do we stop at phone calls? We  could outlaw talking altogether and come up with a standard system of signs to communicate with one another. Anyone who is a PADI certified scuba diver knows there are lots of signs you can use to convey important information…

Like, “Why are you dragging me off this plane?” or “I am going to sue your airline back to the times of the Wright Brothers when I eventually get out of the hospital.


Point being – lets stop having stupid rules and proposing them. Laws that ban sodas of  a certain size but allow consumers to buy numerous sodas of a smaller size are a great example of what I mean. The legal system shouldn’t be used to make political statements – it needs to be based on reason and logic.

Having said that, perhaps there should be a designated area in the rear of the plane for people who may want to talk or bring their baby or use a phone. The front of the cabin could be the quiet area.

While we applaud FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for allowing free markets to work by rolling back net neutrality, we wonder if the undoing of former chairman, Tom Wheeler’s plan to allow phones on planes can be justified in some way.

“Taking it off the table permanently will be a victory for Americans across the country who, like me, value a moment of quiet at 30,000 feet,” Pai said in response to questions about the matter.

But this solution strikes us as trying to keep mosquitos from getting in the house by closing the door and not the window. If noise bothers the chairman so much – we can mandate noise cancelling systems for the entire airplane and allow each passenger to speak no more than a few words.

If we don’t comply? Well, I hear United Airlines has a crack security team that can help keep passengers in line.

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