iPhone Tip #1 Battery Life

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iPhone Tip #1 Battery Life

To maximize your Apple iPhone's battery you need to be proactive. A few tips to ensure the battery lasts as long as possible are to disable the wireless networks you do not need. For example bluetooth and WiFi are naturals to turn off at first.

The next step is to turn off the 3G network and revert to the much slower but less power-hungry Edge network. Personally, I have never done this and I understand if this is too drastic for you to undertake.

The next step is to reduce screen brightness. Turn off the Auto-Brightness setting and reduce the screen brightness to as low as you can stand to maximize battery.

You will need to also turn off the Fetch New Data settings in options and manually check for email. It is worth pointing out that the more often you check for email (15, 30 minutes, etc) the more you will use the battery. Turning on Push is a major battery drain so if you gets lots of email and want to maximize battery, be sure to check for email manually. Also keep in mind when you are in the e-mail application the system defaults to push automatically meaning new emails will be delivered as you are working.

In my testing, I have tried turning off the iPhone for periods when I will not be using it but I have found if I put the device in Airline Mode -- where all wireless networks are shut off, the phone uses negligible battery power for a period of hours. So, if you don't need the phone for many hours you can turn it off. A few hours -- put it in Airline Mode.

Obviously activities like email, web surfing and Google Maps do drain battery so just be aware of what you are doing if you need the iPhone to have enough battery left to guide you home after a wild night in a strange city.

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