Camera Van Exposed

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Camera Van Exposed

Many of us have seen the street level view of Google Maps and other mapping software company services and wondered just what sort of van is taking the pictures. After all, the van does not have a big sign on the side saying hey -- smile, you are on candid camera.

Generally the vans traveling the country taking videos and photos of you are in disguise. Most people in fact have never seen one of them in action.

So imagine my surprise as traffic slowed to 15 MPH in a speed zone which is usually double this amount. I was calculating how I could get around the van and even contemplated passing over the double-yellow line.

But then something amazing happened... I realized the van had a camera on top of it and the camera was panning as it drove. I was pretty blown away actually and had to take some photos which diod not endear me to other drivers.

Oh, the things I do for you.

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