How GigSky Made #MWC Easy for Me

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How GigSky Made #MWC Easy for Me

I've used GigSky now a few years in Europe to keep me connected while at Mobile World Congress. I plugged the GigSky SIM into a Huawei MiFi and was able to work like a champ - getting email, doing internet searches and anything else I wanted. I tried to save bandwidth cost by using the provided WiFi in the Fira but quite often I was disconnected.

The MiFi helped save battery on my various devices - remember, it takes less power to send a local signal as opposed to cellular which may have transmit a mile away or more.


The company provided me and numerous TMC team members with $50 credits which lasted us for just under a week. My entire team said the service was great - no problems. I continue to recommend GigSky. Here is more on the company's pricing as well as a past post which describes my experience with them from 2014.

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