Nortel: Unified Communications Reduces Healthcare Costs

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Nortel: Unified Communications Reduces Healthcare Costs

Companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the decades to ensure their contact centers are as efficient as possible. In a business where you have hundreds of agents in a call center you have to worry about any excess spending and you must minimize waste. Calling queues and skills-based routing are just some of the simple technologies call centers have used for decades to efficiently connect the right agent with a caller. Amazingly, the average healthcare worker makes 2-5 times as much as the average call center agent and we don't spend the money to automate healthcare processes the way we have in the contact center. Obviously hospitals use technology but their processes can be automated the way ACDs and predictive dialers have automated the contact center.


There is a tremendous opportunity to automate healthcare through unified communications and other related technologies and Nortel is one of the companies looking to seize this market. I recently visited the company's corporate campus and saw a demo of their solutions in action and yesterday I had a chance to speak with Wes Durow, VP Nortel Enterprise Solutions about how his company is helping hospitals and municipalities with their healthcare automation needs.

Have a listen.

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