Day: August 31, 2015

TMC is Looking For Startups and Breaking News in Dallas

On September 16-18, 2015 my team will be in Dallas looking for startups and interesting companies with news worth sharing.
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Versay Solutions Moves to Support the Omnichannel World

A company known for professional services in the contact center – Chicago-based Versay Solutions has more recently applied its skills
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Splice Software Uses the Power of Analytics to Expand its Product Line

Big data and analytics have had a huge impact on numerous spaces and certainly marketing is one of these areas.
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The .Good I’ve been using the new ecommerce site for a few weeks and so far I have found the
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VoicePIN Voice Biometrics Brings New Tech to Phone and Apps

The biometrics market has been around for decades but never achieved widespread acceptance until after Apple rolled out TouchID. Laptop
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Lasers are the Future of Drone Fighting

I’ve been among the first people to realize how drones can be a major problem for security in the world.
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