Versay Solutions Moves to Support the Omnichannel World

A company known for professional services in the contact center –
Chicago-based Versay Solutions has more recently applied its skills in analytics and more to the world of omnichannel. According to Stephanie Laureys, Client Services Manager for the company – they are able to leverage leading-edge tech and assimilate it into existing technologies quite easily. For example, a demo she showed, consisted of an Amazon Echo speaker integrated with its middleware to allow a user to ask the speaker to send a text or make a conference call.

The company has deep experience in speech app and IVR design using open standards such as SIP, VXML and others. Founded in 2002 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vail Systems, the company consists of a team of professionals with backgrounds in speech recognition technology, software engineering, cognitive linguistics, user interaction design and solution consulting. In addition to the Chicago HQ, they have offices in Austin and Dallas with its sales office based in Denver.


The company’s Cue Analytics solution allows a company to know what is happening in their contact center at any time (see pictures above and video below) – thanks to integrations with many of the industry’s players such as Nuance, Genesys and others. You can determine if callers are repeating themselves, where they are calling from and a lot more.

Stephanie said you can simply add JavaScript to your application to access their product’s functionality – they also have a professional services team, as explained above, and are looking for more developer partners. They see the move to “Everything in your business as a service” being good for the contact center… They think their company and the contact center are positioned well for this transition.

Finally – they want to help guide companies through the process. Versay is platform agnostic and we can expect big things from them as they continue to embrace leading edge tech and tie it into the tried and true contact center working so well in many organizations today.

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